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Olivia May as Queen Eeva by Marc Blake Photography & Video Production

Marc Blake’s interest in photography began when he was thirteen years of age. That is when Marc developed his first roll of B&W film.

It amazed him to discover the magic of seeing his photographs come to life without sending an exposed roll of film to a photo lab for development. In fact, this was so captivating that photography became a new medium for Marc to add to his creative workflow.

It was natural that Marc became his high school’s ace photographer.

Marc developed a close friendship with his photography instructor. This resulted in an opportunity for Marc to join a group of students set off to study art history in Europe. This travel and study, also, became a major influence in Marc’s life. At the impressionable age of 15, here he was creating thousands of images while traveling and studying the arts in a most prolific art environment.

He was hooked and destiny took over his path.


Photo by Marc Blake

Continued creative learning and expression opened Marc’s eyes wider and wider. Through art he was building a greater understanding of the passion involved through artistic processes. He learned to capture and translate the moment.

Marc returned to Europe two years later to further his study of classical art.

His creative nature along with his artistic abilities allowed him to translate the sensitivity he was discovering into his own work. This provided him with an ever increasing awareness of his surrounding.

Marc refined his skill at sensing intimacy and being able to grab moments in time with his cameras.

Marc tells us, “A photograph can tell a story. We hear this often. We understand this. However, when that story is told with emotion it can transcend itself into something much stronger and meaningful. This strength and meaning is what I aim to deliver with my work. When my prospects recognize this, they become clients.

Marc Blake has an entrepreneurial side.

He grew up traveling the fair circuit.

Marc’s father, a cartoonist, took him on the road where Marc experience life from the other side of the counter. He understood at any early age (6 years olds) that you can take an idea, create a product and market your work.

While a teenager, he built his own darkroom and became proficient at both black and white and color print making. Over the years, Marc sold his fine art photographic work in galleries, open air markets and exhibited work in a handful of  museums.

Marc Blake’s become a prolific artist with a never-ceasing desire to expand his creative skill-sets.

Over the years he developed expertise in the areas of photography, scriptwriting, videography, creative and technical writing. He produces corporate training programs, marketing campaigns and more.

Marc has also put educational curriculum into the school system working with young students teaching photography, video production and music.

One of his companies, CompuGraph International was Central California’s third Internet business stemming back to 1995. A computer programmer, Marc built the Lifetime Library of Music (for the Lifetime Television Network).

He’s very involved in the music industry and became the lead photographer for Hollywood’s National Academy of Songwriters working with legends like Paul Simon, Donovan, Brian Wilson, Kenny Loggins, The Doobie Brothers, Carole King, Don Henley, Toto, Randy Newman, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Bolton and other music industry greats.

Marc also covered west coast events for MTV and Nickelodeon.

Currently, he is also the curator for a prominent gallery in Central California. Much of his time is spent showcasing artists and helping expand the art community.